about me

Photo credit: Mary Richardson

Hello! My name is Tania and I am a luxury wedding, couples, and family photographer. I’m based in Lansing, Michigan, and love to work with local clients, though I also travel to other MI cities and, occasionally, beyond.

I have a heart for service, an eye for details and candid moments, and a focus on providing timeless, tangible heirlooms for clients to treasure and pass down through generations.

My mission isn’t simply to take great photos, it’s to go above and beyond the standard photography service to give clients a high-end experience they will never forget!

When working with me, you can expect that I will deliver impeccable, personalized service, and products made with only the finest quality materials. For more information on my style, process, and philosophy on what it means to be a luxury photographer, please check out my Q & A.

In terms of my backstory, I’m not your typical photographer, or typical anything, really. I haven’t been holding a camera since before I was born, nor did I always know I wanted to be a photographer. My first love has always been music, and I’ve always been a writer as well. (So chances are, if you’re a fellow music-lover or creative soul, we’ll probably hit it off right away!)

What I love about photography, though, is it allows me to tell stories and connect with people in an entirely different way. I have always sought to use my gifts to help people, and I use my photography to highlight the special in everyone. I’ve got a talent for “really seeing” people, and I love being able to show people what I see, so that they can see it, too.

Some other things about me:

  1. I’m a recent bride, so I can totally relate to you engaged couples on a whole new level right now!

  2. We went from engaged to married in less than 6 months, so if you’re on a short timeline, too, I’m happy to share any tips with you that I can to help streamline your planning.

  3. I’m a stepmom to two curious, imaginative, goofy, rambunctious boys (ages 7 and 9), so if you are a stepparent/soon-to-be stepparent or have children around those ages, you are my people!

  4. I’m big on quality time and real-life, in-person connections, but prefer to invest as much as I can into a smaller number of people, so that those special few can get the very best of me.

  5. In general, I’m a giver, and I put my heart into everything I do.

For more on my philosophy, values, and what it’s like to work with me, see below.

philosophy and values

I believe that we are all created to be uniquely who we are and that every life has purpose and value.

No matter your background or circumstances, I will treat you with courtesy, care, and respect.

I do not discriminate, period. (Race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, body type, disability, etc.)

Honesty, integrity, and excellence are core values in my life and my business, and influence everything I do.

I take pride in being unique and never feel right settling for what "everyone else is doing" or "good enough".

However, I will never compromise your safety or well-being to get a "cool" shot, when it comes to locations, poses, or anything else.

I'd much rather know I'm taking great care of you, which, to me, is the coolest thing I could ever do.

the process: what it’s like to work with me

1. Inquiry, Consultation, & Booking – After you submit an inquiry via my Contact page, I'll check my availability and respond within 24-48 hours.

If I’m available, I’ll also suggest a date and time for us to meet and confirm we are a good fit (either in-person if you are local, or via Skype or FaceTime if you are from out of town).

I believe this process is a two-way-street and encourage you to come with any questions you may have.

What my clients are saying:

“Tania Watt has a passion and an eye for perfection, but is also a relaxed and joyful person doing a job she loves.

When working with her, she made sure the order was of the highest quality and was exactly what we wanted.

Thank you, Tania!

-Andrea T.

I will also ask questions which will help me to get a good sense of your needs and how to provide you with the best possible service throughout our time together.

If we are a mutually good fit, I will provide you with a contract and an invoice for your non-refundable deposit. The deposit and contract officially hold your date and ensures that I don’t book anyone else for the same date & time. Once we both sign the contract and your deposit is paid in full, you are considered “booked”!

At this point, we will both do a happy dance, and after that, I will follow up with additional information needed to help your session go smoothly. If you have any additional questions for me, this is the perfect time to ask.

2. Your Wedding/Session Date – As a result of our consultation and planning time prior to your wedding or session, we will have a good idea of your photography goals and any other important details.

We will have a shared vision of what we want to accomplish during the session, including how you are looking to use and display your photos afterwards, and that will help us go into your session with fun and confidence.

During the session, I’ll provide you with some basic direction, prompts, and suggestions in order to get things going, while keeping an eye out for all the candid, spontaneous moments in between (aka the good stuff).

We’ll keep things light, casual, conversational, and just have an all-around good time. :)

3. The Image Reveal and Ordering Session – After your session, I’ll work behind the scenes to select and edit the best of the best images for you to review. When your images are ready for viewing, we’ll get together again for the big reveal!

At this time, we'll go through your gallery of final images together and select your favorites. I’ll also show you mockups of any products I’ve pre-designed for you based on our prior discussions, such as albums and wall art, so you can get a real sense of what things will look like before you finalize your order.

Luxury Wedding and Couples Photographer_Lansing MI_Wall Art Gallery Design_Tania Watt Photography.jpg

We’ll then continue customizing any additional products for you until every photo you love has found a home on your wall, in an album, or another place you can proudly display and enjoy it. Once you've made your final selections, I'll take any payments needed to complete your order, submit it, and production will begin

4. Product Inspection and Delivery – When your items come in, I'll give everything a final inspection to determine that everything is as it should be. If there are any issues, I will let you know and work on your behalf to resolve them to the best of my ability. If everything looks right, I'll get your items to you quickly and with great care.

In addition, if you are within an hour's driving distance of me, I'll personally hand-deliver it to you, because seeing the look of excitement and joy on a person's face when they see their photos in their final form is something I don't ever want to miss!

Ready to start the process?